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Arrangement and decor

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Photo of gardenia jasmine or August Interesting

Photo of gardenia jasmine or August

Photos of indoor plants Published: February 27, 2012 Reprinted: Last edits: Briefly about leaving Avoid direct sunlight - the lighting is bright, but diffused. The temperature throughout the year should be 20-24 degrees and should not fall below 16. Watering is very careful - do not fill the plant, but also do not let the earth dry out.

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Taking Plants Over Borders – Learn About International Travel With Plants New

Taking Plants Over Borders – Learn About International Travel With Plants

By: Laura MillerDid you know transporting plants over borders can beillegal? While most commercial growers realize moving plants acrossinternational borders requires a permit, vacationers may not consider theecological ramifications if they take plants to a new country or even adifferent state.Ecological Impact of Moving Plants Across International BordersThat beautiful flowering plant growing outside your hotelbalcony may look innocent enough.

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Information About Alyssum New

Information About Alyssum

Get Started Potted Alyssum Plants: Growing Sweet Alyssum In A ContainerBy Mary H. Dyer, Credentialed Garden WriterDespite its looks, sweet alyssum is a tough, easy-to-grow plant that is adaptable to various conditions. Its trailing, creeping habit makes it perfect for growing in a container. For information on container growing sweet alyssum plants, click here.

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Rhodochiton Interesting


Rhodochiton is a perennial vine that grows very quickly. It is widely cultivated indoors and in the garden. Description of Rhodochiton Rhodochiton is a representative of the Norichnikov family. Under natural conditions, it can be found in Mexico and Central America. Its creeping stems are able to "climb" on pre-installed special supports or on nearby trees.

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Orazio Cannistraci - Artist - Works Interesting

Orazio Cannistraci - Artist - Works

Orazio Cannistraci, the works' In Trinacria (Sicily) "My Sicily, beautiful flower blossomed in your hands" wrote Luigi Pirandello in his Elegie Renane of 1890. A magical triangle in the blue of the sea, this was meant to symbolize as a tribute to our land of the sun, between myths and legends.Title: & 39; A Trinacria (Sicily) Material: Wood, fabric, natural leather and ceramicWidth: 55 cmHeight: 110 cmIf you are an artist and want to publish your works on this site, write the address write @ elicriso.

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