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In this section we will talk extensively about climbing plants, that is, those whose branches are unable to sustain themselves independently and need constant care. They can be shrubby or herbaceous, their development can be rapid or not depending on the species. These types of plants are mainly used for ornamental and decorative purposes, to create hedges, pergolas or to make walls, railings, etc. more colorful and pleasing to the eye. but also to create shaded areas necessary to protect us from the sultry heat of summer. In the articles in this section we will give you useful tips to best cultivate these plants, the care they need, the most suitable soil for proper development and good growth, cultivation techniques and the main remedies against attacks of diseases and parasites that can damage the plant. We will tell you about jasmine, ... continue

Articles on: Climbers

  • Climbing honeysuckle

    Honeysuckle is one of the most used plants in our latitudes to create decorative pergolas in gardens. It is easy to grow and is not particularly prone to pest attacks
  • Dipladenia sundaville

    This wonderful plant is grown in hanging pots, or as a climber, aided by railings, trellises or reeds. The leaves are dark green, shiny and thick. In spring and during the season
  • Passionflower

    Passionflower is one of the most rustic and resistant climbing plants, able to give beautiful flowers and very particular fruits
  • Jasmine

    Jasmine is a beautiful climbing plant ideal for covering walls, pergolas and canopies in the home. Easy to grow and with beautiful blooms, it makes a great orn plant
  • Bougainvillea

    An ornamental creeper with an incredible flowering, bougainvillea is a very popular species for decorating terraces, pergolas and balconies even if it suffers extremely cold winters.
  • Dipladenia

    Everything you need to know about Dipladenia, about the treatments it needs, about exposure, diseases and its multiplication.
  • Plumbago capensis

    Plumbago capensis is an evergreen plant, often used for ornamental purposes due to its beautiful blue inflorescences. It can be grown in pots as a houseplant or in full ground; there
  • Bougainvillea in winter

    The bougainvillea in winter remains a beautiful plant although it can face some problems. We must ensure that its beauty remains unchanged and ready to surprise us new
  • Bouganville, how to grow

    Bouganville is an evergreen plant ideal for embellishing gardens and terraces thanks to its beauty and strong resistance that guarantees easy cultivation.
  • Rincospermum

    The rincospermo owes its diffusion to the many qualities, including the double perfumed flowering in the summer and the thick dark green foliage.
  • Climbing jasmine

    Climbing Jasmine is an evergreen shrub native to the Asian continent, suitable for outdoor environments due to its resistance to atmospheric agents.
  • Mandevilla

    The Mandevilla climbing plant with splendid flowers, ideal for embellishing balconies and gardens, come and discover how to grow it.

continue ..., an evergreen shrubby plant that in Italy finds its greatest diffusion in the central-southern areas, due to its characteristics and the use of its flowers to prepare very aromatic teas and herbal teas. The wisteria, splendid climbing plant with delicate colors, which decorates and embellishes our gardens by forming graceful pergolas, gazebos, etc. We often see bougainvillea, which contains many species, in gardens and parks, easily recognizable by the colorful colors of its bracts; we will also give you some tips on how to dry and use dried flowers to create compositions or paintings that will make your home more cheerful and rich.

A climbing plant of which we will explain the main characteristics is the passion flower, a very elegant and fascinating plant with filaments of every color; we will illustrate the sedative and antispasmodic properties, it is not toxic and, indeed, it can be used to treat some forms of intoxication, the infusion of its leaves is very useful.

In addition to those mentioned in our articles, there are other plants with character climbing that can be grown inside the home, they also need support in order to grow and develop. Remember that climbing plants, like many others, for their correct development, it is necessary to pay particular attention to the climate in which they are grown and the exposure of the area for planting, for this reason you will have to choose the species to cultivate according to the area that you will have available and its size.

Among the various types of climbing plants it is also curious to remember the lianas, characteristic of the tropical forest. Tortuous and of an extraordinary length, they have the ability to bind to the trunk and stretch from one crown to another. Lianas are also called strangling plants, because they can suffocate the plant they lean on, even causing it to fall.

12 climbing plants for a magnificent pergola! Get inspired

Summer is almost upon us and we are all beginning to rediscover the outside of our home. If you are lucky enough to have enough space for a pergola, why not decorate it with beautiful climbing plants ?! In this way, in addition to creating pleasant and relaxing shaded areas, you can also embellish your garden with a touch of color and scented notes. But how do you best cultivate vines ?! Read on for some valuable advice on which plants are best suited for this purpose and how to care for them.

First, however, it is necessary to make a premise, explaining well what climbing plants are and why they are ideal for your pergola. First of all, we must begin by saying that creepers are characterized by large quantities of flowers and leaves and a very long and thin stem which, branching off in different directions, leans on any support it can find, growing upwards.

It is possible to classify creepers into four different types:

  • Creepers with tendrils and other prehensile structures used for clinging
  • Climbers with external roots ending in a sucker
  • Climbing sarmentose, which have thorns and hooks present on the filamentous branches
  • Twisty climbers that wrap around any kind of support they encounter.

The first thing you will have to think about before deciding on the type of vine is the space at your disposal. If, for example, the size of your pergola will be medium, it will be sufficient to plant one plant for each corner of the main beams. If, on the other hand, it should be larger and rectangular in shape, we advise you to plant more plants per corner, in order to create additional supports.

But what does it mean to plant plants?
First you will need to irrigate the plants with plenty of water and spread the roots so as to be able to remove them from the pot more easily. Once this is done, you can prepare the hole near the pillars of the pergola, position the plant and fix the main stem of the creeper to the pillar, using a soft lace. If, however, your pergola does not rest on the lawn but on a pavement, then you will need to get enough capacious pots.

As these are quite resistant plants, great care will not be necessary. In generating, in fact, watering will be sufficient every time the soil has absorbed all the previous water. It is advisable to do this during the evening hours. Pruning will also be quite simple. It will be enough, in fact, to eliminate the dead branches using a lopper.

But now let's move on to illustrate the main climbing plants for your pergola.

Climbing roses

The rose is the undisputed queen of the garden, perfect for covering arches, pillars, backs and pergolas precisely. Among the most suitable varieties for this purpose we recommend the Francois Poisson, Edmund Proust, Levigata, Alberatine, Banksia and Alba roses due to their resistance.

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Climbing jasmine is perfect for creating pergolas and flower arches in the garden. Its white and fragrant flowers will make the environment relaxing and magical. Among the most common varieties suitable for the pergola we find the officinal jasmine, rustic and resistant to cold, and the Spanish jasmine.

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The vine is the most classic of the pergola plants. This is because it produces two excellent advantages: in summer it allows you to create a relaxing shaded area and in autumn it is full of fruit.

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Another of the most common plants to cover pergolas is wisteria. It is a climbing of oriental origin that will lend itself perfectly to your place of relaxation.The flowering takes place in spring, between April and June, before the development of the leaves, this means that the pergola will be at its maximum splendor in the warmer months. . It is a hardy plant that can survive for over a decade and requires pruning to remove older branches in summer and winter.

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Bignonia Capredata

Native to North America, Bignonia belongs to the Bignoniaceae family. It is an evergreen climbing plant, particularly vigorous, which grows remarkably quickly, even if it is quite delicate.


The ivy

Although some consider it a weed, ivy is perfect for creating pergolas and arches, as well as for the natural covering of low walls and external walls. It is a particular type of extremely rustic plant, very resistant and long-lasting. Its foliage is evergreen and can be mottled. The most appreciated and used species of ivy for the pergola is the common ivy, known in botany as Hedera Helix.

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In the climbing variety, bougainvillea, or bougainvillea, lends itself perfectly to the pergola. With pink, fuchsia and purple colors, it is a plant native to South America that loves sunny exposures.

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Ipomoea purpurea

The hypomea is a climbing plant used for ornamental purposes to cover pergolas, walls and fences. It originates in tropical South American and Asian countries. Its flowers have the characteristic bell shape. Precisely for this reason, in fact, it is often known by this name. The most beautiful flowers of morning glory have shades ranging from blue, to purple, to pink and blue.

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The Kiwi

If you want to combine business with pleasure, we offer you a tasty alternative. With kiwifruit, in addition to having shade, you can also benefit from its delicious fruits. It is possible to grow it in the garden, directing its branches with supports so as to form a shaded area with their foliage.

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Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea also called sweet pea is a climbing plant belonging to the legume family and known precisely for its intoxicating scent.

Clitoria Blue

The clitoria is a fickle climber whose flowering occurs within just over two months from sowing. The shape is particular, characterized by a double flower which is also edible.



Another extremely resistant climbing plant is hops. This reacts well to both high and low temperatures, reaching even those below zero. It is a good rule to water them constantly, also because the lack of water can cause the inflorescences to fall.

Hedges and climbing plants


The hedges represent a sort of vegetal wall used in outdoor spaces, like the gardens, both private and public and make a fine show of themselves by protecting, shielding and decorating the space they delimit at the same time. The goal of the use of hedges by landscapers and gardeners is generally to enclose or protect a garden from outside gazes. Depending on the plants used, the hedges can at the same time acquire a decidedly ornamental function. There are, in fact, flowering hedges, deciduous hedges and evergreen hedges. The habit of hedge plants can be shrubby or climbing. Many prefer climbing evergreen hedges, plants with atypical growth: they take root on walls, walls, balconies, gratings and fences and for this reason they are also called ground cover plants. The honeysuckle is a good example of a climbing plant which, like others, wraps itself around other plants or supports such as gratings or walls, reaching up to 5 meters in height or length. Another example of plant suitable for forming hedges is lavender, whose height varies from 40 cm to one meter, and which usually blooms from June to early winter

Evergreen climbing plants suitable for every need

TOURETTE pergola

Ivy is perhaps the most common of evergreen climbing plants. In fact, it uses its aerial roots to climb any type of wall and support and resists pruning in any season.
It can be grown in the garden bed or in pots as long as it is not exposed to direct sun, it is planted in permeable soil and it is not excessively watered.

2. Bougainvillea

Bougainvillea is a very vigorous evergreen climbing plant, characterized by thorny branches, green leaves and white but not very showy flowers. It adapts very well to mild climates and tolerates pruning well.

3. Clematis Armandii

Clematis Armandii is an evergreen variety of Clematis, characterized by leathery leaves. It blooms from April to June with white flowers tinged with pink.

4. Passionflower

Passiflora is an evergreen climber typical of warm climates that stands out for its very fast development.

5. False jasmine

The scientific name is Trachelospermum jasminoides: it is a very widespread climber, characterized by dark green leaves, with white, very fragrant white star-shaped flowers, which bloom between May and July. As it grows very fast it is also used as a ground cover.

6. Calystegia pubescens 'Multiplex' Climbing

Easy to grow, it enjoys a long flowering which is repeated throughout the summer. It gives spectacular pink flowers and is resistant to intense frost (up to -20 °).

7. Honeysuckle
Characterized by oval, bluish-green leaves and very fragrant white flowers, in autumn it shows off suggestive red-orange berries.

8. Lonicera periclymenum
Also known as dwarf honeysuckle, it reaches about one meter in height and is therefore suitable for small spaces and for growing in pots.

9. Bergenia cordifolia

Evergreen herbaceous perennial climbing plant, with pink flowers in spring and leaves that take on a magnificent coppery color in the cold season.

10. Philodendron

It is a fairly robust and easy to grow evergreen climbing plant with ornamental leaves.

11. Parthenocissus tricuspidata

It belongs to the Vitaceae family, it is a climbing plant native to China that tends to a suggestive reddish in autumn. It grows without problems in any environment and can even withstand temperatures around -15 ° C.

12. Periwinkle

The periwinkle is a small perennial evergreen climbing plant, present in different varieties. Perfect for rock faces, thanks to its crawling appearance.

13. The Akebia quinata

Akebia quinata is a semi-evergreen climbing plant, native to East Asia (China, Japan and Korea) with purple-brown spring flowers and small rounded fruits in summer.

14. Dipladenia

Dipladenia is a very popular evergreen climbing plant due to its rapid development. From May to October it produces many large white, red and pink funnel-shaped flowers, red, white or pink in color. Be careful because it fears the cold.

15. Aristolachia grandiflora

Aristolachia grandiflora is an evergreen climber that produces large red-purple flowers mottled with white or yellow.

16. Bignonia Capensis

An evergreen climbing plant highly prized for its abundant orange flowering from July to October. Ideal for making hedges.

17. Hoya Carnosa

Hoya Carnosa is a succulent climbing plant characterized by dark green leaves and white-red flowers.

18. Climbing fig

The Climbing fig is a variety of fig with oval and small leaves. It climbs on any type of surface, even smooth. It has a slow growth and therefore does not require frequent pruning.

19. The Manettia luteo-rubra

Manettia luteo-rubra is a climbing plant with red and yellow tubular flowers that bloom from June to November.

20. Plumbago

Plumbago is a shrub that can be grown as a climber, characterized by elongated light green leaves. It blooms in summer - between June and November - and the varieties are mainly two, depending on whether it is characterized by white flowers or in shades of blue. Perfect for decorating patios or gazebos too.

Climbing plants to decorate the outside. A garden self-respecting must necessarily have some beautiful plants that can make a difference. Finding the right ones and making sure that they give that extra touch to outdoor spaces is not child's play, as various factors take over that determine the result.

The climbing plants are a concrete example of how it is possible to give a touch of class to garden, without too much effort. There are many solutions on the market climbing plants with flowers which increase the beauty, coloring the garden.

If you are not aware of the various possibilities, we have selected the best ones for you. A wide range of climbing plants for the garden with flowers colored, they can make a difference and improve its appearance. Remember, however, that choosing the most beautiful will not be enough. The secret lies in knowing where and how to best place it within the garden, so that it can be noticed and blend harmoniously with the surrounding environment.

Climbing Roses

The climbing roses they are flowers that never go out of fashion and adapt to almost any kind of climate. In addition to their enormous aesthetic beauty, they are resistant plants even during the winter months. Think about a special corner of your garden and place roses there… the result will be excellent.


Remember that the rose garden it does not necessarily have to consist of Red roses. There is a wide variety of colors on the market that will embellish yours garden according to your needs. If you want to give something different, the mix of colors draws attention.


The roses on the arbor they can be exceptional above all, when the choice falls on yellow. This is an option that is not always taken into consideration, but we must not forget their beauty!



The jasmine and another one climbing plant with flowers well known, but not for that obvious. In fact, it is thanks to his own flowers that the garden changes appearance and is filled with a perfume that increases exponentially with the summer.


The jasmine is considered a flower which, in addition to releasing perfume and beauty, increases the ability of shine as it is evergreen. Moreover, due to the lack of need for special care and simplicity of cultivation, it is recommended for those who do not have much time and not even a green thumb.


With the installation of a pergola, you can indulge yourself with the most curious and imaginative compositions. The jasmine it lends itself well to almost all solutions and, in addition, increases the freshness and shade of yours garden.



There lives is one of the climbing plants typical Italian and also one of the oldest in the history of Mediterranean agriculture. It is not only aesthetically beautiful, but also quite a practical plant due to the production of fruit. There lives it's a plant which is recommended for any type of garden, since its beauty is not reduced to the summer period. During the autumn the chromatic variety of red leaves greatly increases the aesthetics.



The wisteria it is not one plant climbing less than the others, indeed ... its beauty is quite spectacular. Thanks to the bunches of flowers lilac, in fact, the show is guaranteed. The wisteria it is so easy to grow that it needs to be pruned due to the thick canopy.


Increase the aesthetics by positioning the wisteria on the outside wall of the house is an excellent idea. Use the pergola to make sure that the climbing plant can grow undisturbed and remember to help it find the right path through pruning.


Bignonia Capredata

There Bignonia Capredata is a must-do choice for anyone who loves i flowers trumpet shape. There Bignonia Capredata forms a thick crown with flowers reds, yellow or orange that literally change the appearance of the garden, improving it. Give liveliness to the garden through this climbing plant it will be a fairly easy operation!


The ivy

It is said that to give a spectacular result, the climbing plants must necessarily be composed of flowers. A striking example is characterized byivy. This plant never goes out of fashion and is always a winner in all contexts.


Employ theivy to cover bare areas of the garden it is a perfect idea, especially in the case of avenues or facades. It requires little maintenance and makes an undisputed spectacle, thanks to the thick foliage it develops.



Ideal for the beach houses Bougainvillea it's a plant climbing excellent with warm temperatures and sunny areas. Take a cue from the photo below to combine it with whitewashed houses. The effect will certainly be noteworthy!


There bougainvillea it is not one plant climbing which must necessarily be planted in garden. In case you have a nice independent entrance or a balcony, you can make the most of the space so that the bougainvillea can climb onto the railing.


Ipomoea purpurea

Also known as a climbing bell, the Ipomoea purpurea is one of those climbing plants with flowers which certainly attract attention. It is not just a question of color ... the very shape of the gods flowers, in fact, it increases aesthetics exponentially.


In case of gardens little ones or little space available, you can think of climbing yours Ipomoea purpurea to a staircase or small pergola. In any case, the result will be excellent. It perfectly resists the hottest temperatures, but not the cold ones.


The Kiwi

You never thought you could plant a Kiwi in garden true? Well yes, it is one climbing plant which could help you in the aesthetic presentation of yours garden. In addition to having consistent shaded areas, you can also enjoy the fruit.


Remember that, for the cultivation of the Kiwi in garden and for the harvest of the relative fruits, it is necessary to plant one male for every 7 females. Only in this way can you have the pleasure of eating the fruits of your magnifica climbing plant.


Sweet Pea

There Sweet Pea it is also known as sweet pea. This climbing plant greatly increases the aesthetics of your garden. Try to get her to climb in areas with a lot of sun and a drained land.


Dicentra Spectabilis

Have you ever heard of the Hearts of Mary? It is the name by which we commonly call the Dicentra Spectabilis, one climbing plant whose flowers are a breathtaking pink that bloom in early spring and last until the end of summer.



Blue Clitoria

There Clitoria Blue it belongs to the legume family and its main feature is the birth of deep blue flowers. If your home is located in a particularly cold area, it must be protected climbing plant during the winter.



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12 Climbing plants for outdoor furniture

1. Let's start with a classic: theIvy. It has no flowers but the aesthetic aspect it gives is always remarkable.

2. The jasmine. Another great classic. The White of its small flowers creates an elegant optical effect and the perfume it releases is no less. Perhaps the coolest thing is that it does not require great care.

3. Climbing roses. Roses are always wonderful and most importantly, they adapt to both heat and cold. Whatever area they plant, they will always make a good impression. They don't necessarily have to be red. For example, on a pergola they will make a splendid effect the yellow roses.

4. Bougainvillea. We all know the gorgeous fuchsia / violet of this plant. Lively, colorful, elegant. If made to climb on a white background it gives its best from an aesthetic point of view. It prefers hot climates and areas very exposed to the sun.

Climbers - garden

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Quando visitate il nostro sito web, le informazioni vengono memorizzate sul vostro browser sotto forma di cookie (piccoli file di testo). La base giuridica è l'articolo 6, paragrafo 1, lettera f, del RGPD. Al loro interno sono memorizzate informazioni sull'utilizzo del sito web (ID identificativo, data della visita, ecc.). Con l'utilizzo dei cookie, vi facilitiamo l'utilizzo della nostra offerta online attraverso diverse funzioni di servizio (come il riconoscimento delle visite precedenti) e possiamo così adattare meglio l'offerta internet alle vostre esigenze. Potete impedire il salvataggio dei cookie e cancellare i cookie esistenti, effettuando le relative impostazioni nel vostro browser. La funzione di aiuto della maggior parte dei browser spiega come effettuare queste impostazioni. Se non accettate i cookie, tuttavia, ciò può compromettere le funzioni di servizio dell'offerta Internet. Consigliamo quindi di lasciare attivata la funzione cookie.

Inoltre, utilizziamo cookie di terze parti per tecnologie di retargeting e remarketing, per ottimizzare la nostra offerta Web e per scopi di marketing basati sugli interessi. Il comportamento di navigazione memorizzato viene analizzato sulla base di un algoritmo, in modo che le raccomandazioni mirate sui prodotti, relative agli interessi, possano poi essere visualizzate sotto forma di banner pubblicitari o pubblicità su siti web di terzi. I profili utente pseudonimizzati non vengono combinati ai dati personali del titolare dello pseudonimo, senza l'espresso consenso dell'interessato. La base giuridica per la creazione di profili utente pseudonimizzati è costituita dall'art. 6 par. 1 lett. f RGPD.

Informazioni complete su come effettuare tale procedimento su diversi browser sono disponibili sulle seguenti pagine Internet: Network Advertising Initiative e/o Digital Advertising Alliance. Troverete anche informazioni su come cancellare i cookie dal vostro computer, nonché informazioni generali sui cookie.

Per progettare questo sito web in linea con i requisiti richiesti e ai fini dell'ottimizzazione, vengono raccolti e memorizzati dati anonimizzati tramite soluzioni e tecnologie di econda GmbH e da questi dati vengono creati profili utente utilizzando pseudonimi. A tale scopo possono essere utilizzati dei cookie che consentono il riconoscimento di un browser Internet. Tuttavia, i profili degli utenti non vengono combinati ai dati relativi al detentore dello pseudonimo senza l'espresso consenso del visitatore. In particolare, gli indirizzi IP sono resi irriconoscibili subito dopo la ricezione, il che rende impossibile l'assegnazione di profili utente agli indirizzi IP. L'analisi del comportamento degli utenti si basa sull'art. 6 par. 1 lett. f RGPD. Il gestore del sito web ha un interesse legittimo nell'analisi anonimizzata del comportamento degli utenti, per ottimizzare sia il suo sito web che la sua pubblicità. I visitatori di questo sito web possono opporsi a questa raccolta e memorizzazione dei dati in qualsiasi momento per il futuro cliccando qui. L'opposizione vale solo per il dispositivo e il browser web su cui è stato impostato, si prega di ripetere il processo su tutti i dispositivi, se necessario. Se cancellate il cookie di opt-out, le richieste saranno nuovamente trasmesse a econda.

10.2 Cookie di Google Analytics

Questo sito web utilizza Google Analytics, un servizio di analisi web di Google Inc. ("Google"). Google Analytics utilizza i cosiddetti file di testo "Cookie" che vengono memorizzati nel vostro browser e che consentono un'analisi dell'utilizzo del sito web. Le informazioni raccolte dal cookie sulla vostra visita a questo sito web (compreso il vostro indirizzo IP) vengono trasmesse a un server di Google negli USA. Sul presente sito web viene utilizzata la funzione di anonimizzazione "_anonymizeIp()" per l'indirizzo IP, in modo che l'indirizzo IP venga salvato ed elaborato da Google solo abbreviato delle ultime 8 cifre. Google utilizzerà le informazioni raccolte per valutare la vostra visita al sito web, per compilare report sulle attività del sito web per il gestore del sito e per fornire ulteriori servizi relativi all'utilizzo del sito web e di Internet. L'elaborazione per tali scopi avviene sulla base di un interesse legittimo ai sensi dell'articolo 6, paragrafo 1, lettera f, del RGPD. Google può anche trasferire queste informazioni a terzi, se richiesto dalla legge o se terzi elaborano questi dati per conto di Google. In nessun caso Google assocerà l'indirizzo IP ad altri dati di Google. È possibile impedire l'installazione dei cookie attraverso le impostazioni del browser. In qualsiasi momento è possibile opporsi, con effetto per il futuro, alla raccolta e all'archiviazione generale dei dati da parte di Google Analytics, utilizzando il componente aggiuntivo del browser disponibile all'indirizzo

10.4 Cookie di retargeting

Questo sito web utilizza Criteo, trbo e Google AdWords, servizi di analisi web forniti da Criteo GmbH, Unterer Anger 3, 80331 Monaco di Baviera, Germania, trbo GmbH, Enhuberstraße 5, 80333 Monaco di Baviera, Germania, e Google Limited, Gordon House, Barrow Street, Dublino 4, Irlanda, per raccogliere e archiviare dati che sono impiegati per creare i profili di utilizzo pseudonimizzati. A tale scopo possono essere utilizzati dei cookie che consentono il riconoscimento di un browser Internet. I profili di utilizzo servono ad analizzare il comportamento dei visitatori e sono trattati per migliorare e adattare la nostra offerta alle esigenze dei nostri clienti. I profili di utilizzo pseudonimizzati non sono associati ai dati personali del titolare dello pseudonimo senza l'esplicito e distinto consenso dell'interessato. In qualsiasi momento è possibile opporsi, con effetto per il futuro, alla raccolta e all'archiviazione dei dati a scopo di analisi web, utilizzando i link di disattivazione di Criteo o Google.

Maggiori informazioni e opzioni di opposizione all'analisi anonima del comportamento di navigazione da parte di Google (fare="" clic="" qui)="" o="" di="" criteo="" (fare clic qui) o trbo (fare clic qui).

Questo sito web utilizza in particolare il tag di retargeting Website Custom Audiences del social network Facebook, 1601 South California Avenue, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA. In linea generale, dai dati di utilizzo viene generato un checksum irreversibile e non personale (valore hash) che può essere trasmesso a Facebook per scopi di marketing e analisi. Website Custom Audiences fa riferimento al cookie di Facebook. Maggiori informazioni in merito allo scopo e all'ambito della raccolta dei dati e all'ulteriore trattamento e utilizzo dei dati da parte di Facebook, nonché alle opzioni di impostazione per la protezione della privacy sono disponibili nelle linee guida sulla protezione dei dati di Facebook, le quali possono tra l'altro essere trovare nelle sezioni relative a Facebook Website Custom Audiences (fare clic qui) e alla Privacy di Facebook (fare clic qui). Se non si desidera la raccolta di dati tramite Custom Audience o se si desidera opporsi all'utilizzo di Facebook Website Custom Audiences, è possibile disattivare l'opzione qui.

I plugin sono presenti sulla nostra pagina dei prodotti sotto forma di pulsanti cliccabili e, nello stato iniziale, sono disattivati. Facendo clic sul relativo pulsante, l'utente è invitato a effettuare l'accesso al provider di social media in una nuova finestra. In questo caso, sarà salvato un cookie sul computer. Se non si fa clic sul pulsante o non si effettua l'accesso al provider di social media, sul computer non sarà salvato alcun cookie. Se si è utente del provider di social media ed è stato effettuato l'accesso, facendo clic sul pulsante, questa informazione viene trasmessa al proprio profilo presso il provider del rispettivo social media. Se si interagisce con i plugin, ad esempio, facendo clic sul pulsante "Mi piace" di Facebook o lasciando un commento, le informazioni corrispondenti sono trasmesse direttamente dal browser al social network e memorizzate. Lo scopo e l'ambito della raccolta dei dati e l'ulteriore trattamento e utilizzo dei dati da parte dei provider, nonché i diritti e le opzioni di impostazione per la protezione della privacy sono disponibili nelle informazioni sulla protezione dei dati dei seguenti provider:

Noi e Facebook siamo responsabili congiuntamente della gestione della pagina Facebook e utilizziamo i dati statistici anonimi forniti da Facebook sulla base dell'art. 6 par. 1 lett. f RGPD per l'analisi della nostra pagina Facebook. La raccolta e il trattamento di questi dati è responsabilità di Facebook. Maggiori informazioni sulla raccolta e il trattamento di questi dati e sui diritti nei confronti di Facebook sono disponibili nelle linee guida sulla protezione dei dati sulla nostra pagina Facebook.

Per assicurare la visualizzazione uniforme dei caratteri, questo sito utilizza cosiddetti web font forniti da Google. All'apertura della pagina, il browser carica i web font necessari nella cache per visualizzare correttamente i testi e i caratteri.

A questo scopo, il browser in uso deve connettersi ai server di Google. Ciò consente a Google di sapere che il nostro sito web è stato visitato tramite l'indirizzo IP dell'utente. L'utilizzo dei web font di Google avviene per garantire una presentazione uniforme e accattivante delle nostre offerte online. Ciò rappresenta un interesse legittimo ai sensi dell'art. 6 par. 1 lett. f RGPD.

Maggiori informazioni in merito ai web font di Google sono disponibili all'indirizzo e nell'informativa sulla privacy di Google:

È possibile registrarsi per ricevere cosiddette notifiche push. A questo scopo ci avvaliamo del servizio "CleverPush", gestito da Amburgo, CleverPush GmbH, Nagelsweg 22, 20097 Germania ("CleverPush").

Attraverso le nostre notifiche push, è possibile ricevere periodicamente informazioni su sconti, promozioni e altri vantaggi (di marketing).

Per registrarsi alle notifiche push, è necessario confermare la richiesta di ricezione delle notifiche del browser o del dispositivo. Questo processo è documentato e salvato da CleverPush. Vengono memorizzati, a tale scopo, l'ora della registrazione e l'ID del browser o del dispositivo. Questi dati servono da un lato per poter inviare le notifiche push e dall'altro come prova della registrazione. La base giuridica per il trattamento dei dati è costituita dal consenso fornito dall'utente e quindi dall'art. 6 par. 1 lett. a RGPD.

Inoltre, CleverPush esegue l'analisi statistica delle nostre notifiche push. CleverPush può quindi rilevare se e quando le nostre notifiche push sono state visualizzate e cliccate. Questo ci consente di determinare quali notifiche push sono di interesse per i destinatari, in modo da far corrispondere i messaggi futuri ai presunti interessi di tutti i destinatari e quindi aumentare l'interesse per la nostra offerta. Oltre all'ID del browser o del dispositivo, salviamo anche l'argomento principale della pagina su cui sono state attivate le notifiche push (ad es. economia, sport, ecc.). Anche queste informazioni sono utilizzate per inviare agli abbonati notifiche push pertinenti ai loro presunti interessi. La base giuridica del trattamento è costituita dall'art. 6 par. 1 lett. f RGPD. L'associazione dell'ID del browser o del dispositivo a una determinata persona avviene solo se siamo legalmente obbligati a farlo, per difenderci da rivendicazioni nei nostri confronti, se ciò è richiesto come prova ed eventualmente per perseguire violazioni della legge.

Il consenso all'archiviazione e all'utilizzo dei dati personali allo scopo di ricevere le nostre notifiche push può essere revocato in qualsiasi momento con effetto per il futuro. Inoltre, in base all'art. 6 par. 1 lett. f, è possibile opporsi in qualsiasi momento al suddetto utilizzo dei dati personali. Al tal fine, si prega di revocare il proprio consenso. Il consenso può essere revocato attraverso le impostazioni previste per la ricezione delle notifiche push nel browser. Se si usufruisce delle nostre notifiche push su un PC desktop con sistema operativo "Windows", è possibile disattivare le notifiche push nelle impostazioni che appaiono facendo clic con il tasto destro del mouse sulla rispettiva notifica push.

I dati sono cancellati quando non sono più necessari ai fini della loro raccolta. I dati sono quindi conservati per tutto il tempo in cui è attivo l'abbonamento alle nostre notifiche push.

Maggiori dettagli sul processo di annullamento della registrazione sono disponibili al seguente link:

Questo sito web utilizza i plugin del portale video Vimeo. Il provider è Vimeo Inc., 555 West 18th Street, New York, New York 10011, USA.

Accedendo alle pagine dotate di plugin Vimeo, viene stabilita una connessione ai server Vimeo. Viene quindi comunicato al server Vimeo quale delle nostre pagine è stata visitata. Inoltre, Vimeo apprende l'indirizzo IP dell'utente, anche se non è stato effettuato l'accesso a Vimeo o se non si possiede un account Vimeo. Le informazioni raccolte da Vimeo sono trasmesse al server Vimeo negli Stati Uniti.

Se è stato effettuato l'accesso al proprio account Vimeo, Vimeo può associare il comportamento di navigazione direttamente al profilo personale. È possibile evitare che ciò accada effettuando il logout dal proprio account Vimeo.

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